QSL policy for DX-Pedition


Marek Niedzielski, SP7DQR, is a QSL-Manager for E5 DX-Pedition.


OQRS (for Bureau and direct requests) is available on QSL-Manager page.


Direct requests please send to:

   Marek Niedzielski, SP7DQR
   P.O. Box 15
   25-648 Kielce 9

For direct requests please send a SAE with 1 IRC or (better) 2US$.
Only IRCs valid until 31 December 2017 will be accepted.

Please don't send coins - it is not possible to do anything with them...

All cards received without sufficient postage will be answered only via the bureau.


All cards received via the bureau will be answered via the bureau.


Log will be uploaded into LoTW.